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Dennis began learning photography on his own at the age of 15 in 2001, inspired by the world of animals that captured his heart since young. He began using a borrowed Minolta x300 film SLR, and began his lifelong passion of photography. Dennis spends much of his free time in parks and forest, constantly waiting or looking for wildllife to appear. Other than wildlife photography, Dennis also loves taking travel photos such as landscapes and places.

In 2009, Dennis began to branch out into wedding photography after being inspired by its beauty. Over the years he has gained experience in covering weddings such as Chinese, Church, Indian, Punjabi and Peranakan.

To date, Dennis had won a few awards and photography competitions, notably achieving merit winner in the nature category at the Singapore Young Photographer Award in 2012, merit winner in Nparks City in a  Garden 2012, winning top winner in The Newpaper The Big Picture competion for week 38 in 2013, and top winner in the Pangolin Power Photography Award 2017 . Other achievements can be seen at the Awards and Achievements page

Style of photography
Dennis approach his style of photography in a journalistic manner. He believes in keeping his photos realistic and natural looking. Although Dennis shoots digital nowadays, he maintains the old film attitude of getting his shots right at the point of capturing the photo.

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