Singapore’s Secret Paradise – Lazarus Island

When it comes to places where Singaporeans can go to enjoy recreation, picnic, the sun, sand and sea, we think of the beaches in Sentosa, East Coast Park and Pasir Ris/Changi. But our beaches, no matter how popular, could not match up to the clear bluish waters of Maldives, Hawaii, the Caribbean or even nearby Bali. The waters from our mainland beaches are opaque, murky and dull with an uninteresting view of the anchorage with ships anchored beyond our coastline. I was resigned to the fact that I could not enjoy a beautiful beach without having to spend money to travel overseas, not until recently when I bumped into this place called Lazarus Island.

I was searching the web for exotic nature places in Singapore to go to, somewhere “ulu” and unexplored by many, and I came across this little offshore island south of mainland Singapore. It is sandwiched in between St John’s Island and Kusu Island. After seeing some photos of those who had been to the island, it excites me to go and explore it by myself. In this article, I will be your humble guide to Singapore’s Secret Paradise.

To make your way there, take the north south MRT line to Marina South Pier station, one stop after Marina Bay station. Do take note that not every train goes to Marina South Pier station and I have to alight and wait for the next train as my train terminated at Marina Bay station. I approached the station marshals in red uniform at the platform as I was confused and they kindly informed me once the train to Marina South Pier station arrives. Hence, It is advisable to leave your house early to prevent missing the ferry ride as waiting for the train to Marina South Pier station could take as long as 10 mins at Marina Bay station. It would be ideal to reach Marina South Pier half hour before the ferry departs.

Upon reaching Marina South Pier station, I arrived at Marina South Pier via exit B. I purchased my ticket at an orange booth stating Singapore Island Cruise and Ferry. Thank goodness they accept NETS payment as there were no ATM machines at the pier. As I still had plenty of time, I went to the provision shop to buy snacks and drinks to make sure I do not starve and dehydrate on the island.

DSC_2977-2Jetty at Marina South Pier


I would recommend those who want to spend the whole day on Lazarus Island to go on the weekend as the ferry operate till a later time and with more frequency. You can check the ferry schedule here The ferry trip takes about 30mins to get from Marina South Pier to St John’s Island. From St John Island, I made a left turn and walked along the coast until I reached a bridge that connects St John Island to Lazarus Island.

DSC_3004-2Arriving at St John’s Island


After crossing the bridge, I followed the asphalt walkway and walked along the coast of Lazarus Island. It wasn’t much at this point but I enjoyed the natural surrounding and the fact that the island is void of people except for some grass cutters working there. The tranquility was welcoming, especially in an overcrowded country like Singapore.

DSC_3006-2Link bridge from St John’s Island to Lazarus Island


DSC_3065aLazarus Island


DSC_3017-2Asphalt  pavement on Lazarus Island


I continued my walk on the asphalt pavement until I came across a small pavement that leads to the right when the forested area beginning to clear and you could see rows of palm trees. I followed the path to the right and soon met with a Y junction.

DSC_3019-2Lookout for the small pavement leading to the right


DSC_3020-2I took the dirt path towards the left at the Y junction, up a small slope…..


DSC_3021a……and Wala!! Paradise!!



Never would I expect such a place could exist in Singapore. The white sandy beaches, and clear bluish waters. It is no Maldives or Hawaii, but this is as good as Singapore beaches could get. The waters, though not crystal clear, are much clearer than mainland Singapore. The natural surroundings, absence of people and urbanization made this beach a secret paradise, perfect for couples or families looking to cut off from civilization.

DSC_3036aNo large ships nearby the coast


DSC_3038aWhite sandy beach with clear bluish waters that is devoid of people


DSC_3045aAbsence of amenities make this place really wild and “ulu”


One thing to note is that the nearest toilet is probably a hundred meters away at the pontoon nearby which I did not went to explore due to time constraint. Otherwise, there are no amenities on the island. Remember to stock up food and drinks, bring some shade and sunblock, and some toilet paper as well just in case.

After packing up, remember to be responsible and dump the rubbish in the bin provided. If you are catching the last ferry, do allow ample time for you to walk from Lazarus Island back to St John’s Island or else it will be a good eerie night ahead.

DSC_3063-2Remember to keep the beach clean


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